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CHAPTER 1: Floral By The Ocean

nova-fabrics-store CHAPTER 1: Floral By The Ocean

Christina Staggs |

Have you ever imagined yourself in a garment that you haven’t started making yet? 

I always do this! It totally inspires me. Let me show you how I do it…

I picked this stunning floral fabric [NFF200714-011] for my next project. I’m going to make a dress. So, let’s start…

Just imagine: you are on a big white yacht, sipping a fresh sweet and sour cocktail. It’s a bit windy and your dress is fluttering in the wind. The fabric which your dress is made of is exceptionally soft and lightweight so you can feel the sea breeze. It is gliding smoothly over your skin. This sky-blue color of your dress looks perfect with your tan. Your love staying near you and holding your hand. You are looking for dolphins together during the magical sunset. In this moment, you feel like a queen…

How do you feel so far? As for me, I want to start sewing immediately without a doubt. I am taking my fabric and going to make magic!

See you soon in the next post. 

Yours sincerely Ms.S.

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